Best Influencer Marketing Agency in India (2024)

Influencer marketing agencies in India, help brands, hover their growth capabilities exponentially and thereby, gain better engagement, mass outreach, enriched conversion rates, and more, with a word-of-mouth recommendation marketing model that relies on educating & convincing the target consumers with effective stories well narrated by niche-based social media influencers and content creators. 

With strategic product placement in the market, customized strategies, user-generated content creation, capitalization on key marketing trends, and data-driven mythologies; they help you tap into the market opportunities, comprehend the digital communities, and unlock the real potential of influencer marketing.

Eventually, influencer marketing has occupied a major share of the digital marketing landscape in India. More and more marketers are enrolling their brands into a strategy that leverages the associated loyalty and authority of influencers over their followers.

  • As per the newest report by EY and Collective Artists Network’s Big Bang Social, the influencer marketing industry in India is poised for explosive growth. Their report The State Of Influencer Marketing in India‘, states that influencer marketing in India is expected to surge by 25 percent in 2024, reaching INR2,344 crore, and will boost to INR3,375 crore by 2026. 
  • More than 1/3 of Indian brands have increased their budget to 2 times for social media influencers in the year 2024. Influencer marketers now help brands reach a massive audience at a low cost, (Source- Kroll Report)

As the data sets stated above are merged and through cross-functional study, it is evident that influencer marketing is growing in longitude as well as latitude. The slope of their rise is consistent and of a higher degree. To tap the potential of influencer marketing, brands are trying hard to ideate and execute campaigns. Lack of experience and necessary information led to a result, communication, and creative gaps. To reduce the gap, influencer marketing agencies came into existence.

However, businesses to date, have found themselves under pressure to determine the best among them that give maximum results. 

Well, after studying the growth patterns of 2,000 companies in India, a survey by IGYgrow revealed that an influencer marketing agency can effectively drive significant results to a brand. It creates a constructive image for the product based on its intended audience.

But which is the best agency in India?

According to our research, among many influencer marketing agencies in India, Grynow reigns as the best influencer marketing agency in India, seamlessly blending innovation with creativity with resources like AI dashboards and niche-based experts to deliver the best influencer marketing campaign for a brand. 

With a keen eye for trends and a knack for strategic partnerships, Grynow crafts hyper-targeted influencer campaigns that resonate with key audiences and drive results. Their unparalleled commitment and 8 years of experience in the field make them the go-to choice in a saturated market.

It is the best Influencer marketing agency in India, and is highly adept in delivering the best-in-class services. Let us check out the various services offered by it. 

Best Influencer Marketing Agency’s Services 

1. Instagram Influencer Marketing Services in India

In the booming Instagram ecosystem in India (516.92 million active Instagram users in India – Forbes), Grynow arises as more than just an influencer marketing agency – it’s a strategic driver creating relationships between brands and influencers, and crafting hyper-focused performance-oriented Instagram campaigns that resonate, captivate, and leave an ineffaceable mark on the Instagram arena. Grynow has forged alliances with Instagram influencers across diverse niches including – gaming, food, finance, technology, fashion and Lifestyle entertainment, music, and more, ensuring your brand is connected with those who can authentically amplify your message to the right target audience. 

Grynow’s Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy: Strategic influencer posts, stories, and reels, bespoke content creation, Instagram UGC videos and images, product Reviews, contests, offers, and more!

    2.  YouTube Influencer Marketing Services in India

Grynow keeps track of the latest YT algorithm changes, YouTube audience preferences (462 million active users in India – Statista), and industry trends, allowing them to personally connect with their client’s potential customers through the capitalization of real-time best practices. Grynow has a rich network of YouTubers from niches like – technology, comedy, Finance, fashion, beauty, Lifestyle fitness, and more. Furthermore, Grynow excels at all types of YouTube video formats, which gives us an edge when developing all-rounder content strategies for maximum reach, impressions, and conversions.

Grynow’s YouTube Influencer Marketing Strategy: Unboxing thrills, dedicated/product placement videos, enticing product intro videos, engaging long formats, snappy YT Shorts, immersive vlogs, and community Posts. 

3.  Top LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Services in India

Grynow helps you join with other businesses and industry experts by capitalizing on their connectivity with a pool of verified LinkedIn Influencers composed of top influencers, artists, CEOs, marketers, entrepreneurs, founders, thought leaders, and Key opinion leaders in India.

Grynow’s LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Strategy: LinkedIn Page Growth, Brand awareness campaigns, product Launches, TVC amplification, hiring campaigns

4. Snapchat Influencer Marketing Services in India 

Grynow specializes in Snapchat influencer marketing services in India, ensuring great brand exposure. With a strategic and hyper-personalized approach, Grynow leverages influential collaborations, creating compelling content that resonates with the brands’ target audience present on Snapchat. 

5. Facebook Influencer Marketing Services in India

Grynow pioneers Facebook influencer marketing services in India, crafting tailored campaigns for brand awareness, credibility, leads, and sales ROI. With strategic collaborations, Grynow drives sustainable engagement and thereby cultivates meaningful relationships. 

Now, after decoding the best services available, let’s examine, why Grynow is the best

Why Should you hire the Top Influencer Marketing Company, Grynow?

  1.  AI Dashboard

Partnering with the AI-powered, best influencer marketing agency in India, Grynow allows you to execute campaigns created over a tech-savvy cadence. The AI dashboard allows you to redefine your influencer assortment process by accurately filtering influencers through a comprehensive array of metrics, including engagements, keywords, interests, platforms, and more – surrounding over 50 parameters. You can tap into multiple international as well as regional markets, targeting more people interested in your brand, product, and services. Furthermore, it helps you elevate your campaign’s effectiveness through a prognostic analysis. 

  1. Robust Influencer Database: Statista indicated that two distinct trends can be seen in 2024 and the coming years. First, Total number of social media users is predicted to rise. In India Jan 2023, 467 million users are active. Second, Micro and macro influencers are gaining a digital marketing landscape with their better engagement rate and audience outreach. Marketers showed their active interest in working with Macro influencers and micro-influencers, who occupy 72% and 90% of the market share. The best influencer marketing agency in India has an expansive network of 300 million Influencers and content creators coming from different niches/markets like; finance, travel, fashion, beauty, food, automobile, comedy, etc, that they can access anytime making them the largest influencer marketing company in India.

Moreover, the top Influencer marketing agency has people operating worldwide to understand cultural nuances, consumer behavior, and regional languages – which comes in handy in the localization of your campaign.

  1. Data-Driven Approach 

The top influencer marketing agency depends on crucial consumer insights for decision-making and does surveys to get them. The research comes first. The agency executives analyze audience demographics, interests, behavior, and preferences to develop effective influencer marketing strategies to attract, engage, delight, and convert them. Comprehending and targeting brands’ needs, past campaign performance, and competitor’s positioning allows the agency to select relevant Influencers for the campaign.

 It leaves no stone unturned when optimizing a campaign for maximum output. The strategists track performance metrics associated with influencers and their content and apply corrective measures. Testing different methodologies, trends, content types, messaging, scripts, and strategies allows the top Influencer marketing service to determine what works best for the campaign. Prognostic analysis tells agency experts what can happen shortly. Depending on the results, the agency adapts its approach, tweaks content, redirects influencers, assigns new responsibilities, and allocates/reallocates resources. Furthermore, the agency uses advanced technology to spot new patterns and trends that can positively impact its client’s goals.

  1. Experience: Grynow has a track record of over 35,000 successful influencer campaigns. It springs a brand’s success which necessitates a shared purpose, creative thinking, and a virtuous amount of finesse. 

In the last decade, the Grynow has worked with 1500 + brands like; Amazon, Puma, Facebook, Oneplus, Kotak Mahindra Bank H & M, Meesho, Reliance Digital, Upstox, Groww, Mamaearth, Wow cosmetics, Oziva, Country Delight, Baidyanath, Casio, Sony, and has been awarded by the Economic Times for the incredible work done.

With 8 years of experience and, a dedicated team of professionals counting IIT and IIM alumni, craft customized strategies that involve collaborating with top Influencers and designing the highest quality content that addresses the needs and pain points of the client’s customers. The agency has been applauded for its attention to detail and budget-inclusive tactics. Grynow designs every campaign to reach maximum audiences and create exposure for the brand’s products and services.

  1. Creativity At Core

The top influencer marketing agency creates visually stunning creatives for multiple platforms while ensuring they align with your brand’s values. Right from concept development, the experts leverage the latest trends and best practices to set you apart from your competitors. They have professional storytellers who weave your message into communication that feels compelling and relatable to your target audience. Moreover, the agency’s skilled designers use the latest design tools and technology for graphics that give your content a unique Identity in the marketplace.

The leading influence marketing company also displays adaptability by changing its creativity to new market demands.

  1.  Strong Influencer relationships

Grynow provides premium influencer marketing services in India and has a precise approach to building long-term relationships with Influencers. It starts when they first reach out to influencers with personalized messages that incorporate Influencers’ interests, goals, perceptions, and aspirations. When the agency makes in-person contact, they are transparent and open about their expectations and interest in the collaboration. Moreover, the agency executives vet Influencers on their strengths and weaknesses and ensure fair compensation in the contract negotiations.

During the campaigns, they provide feedback, guidance, support, and, resources to Influencers – while giving them the creative freedom to exercise their innovative ideas, artistry and ample opportunities to grow their community, Influence, and personal brand.

The agency also makes it a point to keep interacting with Influencers off-work to develop mutual trust and respect. This opens possibilities for future collaborations and long-term partnerships.

 Join Grynow, influencer marketing to bring unparalleled growth to your brand now!